Black and white cat in amongst plants in different shades of green

Illustration that is a little bit witchy, and a little bit crafty

Welcome to the portfolio and blog of Holly Stroud, a children’s illustrator based by the sea in Bournemouth, England. 

Hand-drawn illustration with style and wit

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Woman holding a warty pumpkin in front of her face. She wears a purple coat and black fingerless gloves. Behind her is a corn field and a forest.

Meet Holly

Illustrator and website-maker

Hello, I’m Holly - a freelance illustrator and children’s book creator who lives and works by the sea in Bournemouth, UK. 🌊

I tell stories about cats, witches, ghosts, mysteries, theatres and things that go ‘eek!’ in the night. 

I have one live cat named Rupert and five ghost cats named Jake, Sid, Timmy, Charlie and Dorothy. Also, I’ve just given you my dad’s WiFi password.