Book Illustration Short Course at Chelsea College of Art: Day One

Statue of a man surfing on a dragon

Here be dragons: a statue outside Tate Britain – right next door to where I’m studying

I have embarked on an interesting adventure of sorts – a trip to London, and a week-long course in Book Illustration (not just children’s books, mind, but any and all varieties). It’s at Chelsea College of Arts (now part of University of the Arts London), and I’m working right next door to Tate Britain – allowing for interesting lunch breaks spent exploring the galleries.

I have already succeeded in getting on the wrong underground train and going back to the station I started from; garbling my introduction to the rest of the class and basically telling them I am rubbish; and spending perhaps too long in the planning stage of my ‘first day’ quick project, leaving a lot of work to finish overnight. Time to get on with it!

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