Books Illustrated: Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros


To resume my ‘Books Illustrated’ series, I thought I’d start the new year with a book I find very inspiring, despite not actually having cooked anything from it. ‘Falling Cloudberries’ by Tessa Kiros is a very beautiful book, inside and out, and I enjoyed painting it – the cover image is of some sort of berry sorbet and the photo has a soft, painterly look to it.

There’s an image in this book of the author’s hands, removing the petals from a rose (probably to make something fragrant and delicious). She wears blue nail varnish; the petals are a vibrant fuchsia.

When I first saw this image, in a library copy of the book, I decided two things. First, to buy the book; second, that my own life (with various sadnesses) would be immeasurably improved if I started wearing blue nail varnish.

Photo of the book by Tessa Kiros, 'Falling Cloudberries'

I’m still not sure why the image had that effect on me, but things have certainly improved since then, and maybe the blue nails have had something to do with it.

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