Demon (cat) Days – Halloween 2013 at Hemlock Hall

Halloween pumpkins and squash

Hallowe’en has come and gone, in a blur of powder paint, face paint and giant chalk. In a mad dash to complete the annual display in the porch, I had to forego any attempt at suspending a stuffed crocodile from the ceiling; but the result was nevertheless noticeably occult in tone.

The story behind this year’s ‘haunt’ is that of an Elizabethan magician-alchemist type who attempts to summon a demon from the abyss and ends up with something rather different than envisaged.

Demon cat work in progress

Demon cat doorwayAlthough the scale of this year’s celebration was much smaller than in previous years, Trick-or-Treaters seemed impressed by the large pentagram on the driveway, and the mysteriously Gothic windows glowing greenly in the night.

Gothic arches at Halloween

The house is dressed in green for Halloween

I had enormous fun mixing old house paint and Early Learning Centre powder paint to create cardboard signs, as well as the demon-kitty itself, leering out of the brickwork. I also created numerous dribbly candles, using a tutorial from the ever-inspirational My Ghoul Friday (link to be added, when I find it!). Candlesticks have been amassed over the years from charity shops and the like; offcuts of curtain fabric add colour and texture in the background.

Cauldron and candles

Halloween porch

Of course there are several beautiful pumpkins and squash, in addition to the big orange jack-o-lantern. I remain unsure as to what use an occultist would have for these, but they somehow add to the Halloween atmosphere.

Occult jack-o-lantern

Now to come up with a theme for next year…!

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