Twenty Fourteen, here we go…

2014-heatherA new year begins: with it comes another time of reflection on the past twelve months, and another look into the future. There are more plans to be conjured up. I start to realise I will need another pad of lined paper for all my various lists.

In 2013, I wrote on this blog more than I have done in the past, yet not quite as much as I had intended to (and not at all since November, when I drafted a summary of my Halloween preparations and completely forgot to actually publish it). As a result, there’s a lot that happened which I didn’t share here: a new website at (as yet a blank canvas); publication of some illustrations in the Christmas issue of Arkadia magazine; a fun evening at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery Masked Salon; and a couple of rather ambitious concerts with my choir that went even better than we’d hoped.

If the new year is as eventful as the last couple of months have been, I will definitely need to write here more often!

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