Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival 2015 – In which our author engages in some speculation…

Bournemouth Arts By the Sea Festival recently revealed this lovely teaser trailer (created by Treehouse Digital) on their Twitter feed. The full festival programme is due to be revealed this month – and could come out any day now!

As a Bournemouth resident, artist and general cultural aficionado*, I’m quite excited about this. But I’m also impatient. So I have used my skills of Google-Fu, and discovered a few things that I’m speculating we can expect to see at this autumn’s festival…

As for the rest, we’ll all just have to keep one eye on the Arts Bournemouth website for the official unveiling of the full programme. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait! This year the festival runs from Friday 9 October 2015 until Sunday 18 October, and it’s set to tie in with the International Year of Light. This seems appropriate, as the festival has previously included some really beautiful light-themed public art installations – such as the Lost Light ‘beach huts’ from Michael Grubb Studios; and last year’s Carabosse Fire Gardens.

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Arts by the Sea Festival neon sign, in the bandstand

Disclaimer: all information found herein has been gleaned from Googling “Arts by the Sea Festival” and similar terms, and seeing what came up – some of the artists have included the festival dates on their websites. I don’t have any insider information that is not already available to the public, although I have volunteered to help out as a festival ‘champion’ this year!

* Isn’t ‘General Cultural Aficionado’ a character in a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel?