Go big or go home: scaling up my design skills for large-format print

Last week my choir, La Nova Singers, performed a concert – our first with a small orchestra! As the PR, social media and general marketing person for the choir, I like to dress the venue up as much as possible with things that make it feel personal to us, putting our stamp on the event and making it special for the audience. One of my secret weapons in this area is to use our vertical banners…

Standing banners in place at a wedding venue in Christchurch, Dorset

I designed the banners myself, incorporating the choir’s existing logo, as well as eye-catching photography from Lemonade Pictures and Concept Photographic. There’s a lot more text on them than I would perhaps have chosen to include, but our musical director’s brief was very specific!

The banners were printed for us by Andrew at AJ Print, who also supplied the stands. They’re easy to put up and have a professional look and feel, without feeling ‘corporate’.

Pop-up banners for local Bournemouth non-profit group La Nova Singers

Working on these was the first time I’d designed something to be printed larger than A1. Having the logo available in vector format already was a big help. I also made liberal use of Photoshop’s resizing tool to ‘blow up’ the images: using the ‘Bicubic Smoother (enlargement)’ setting ensures that you don’t end up with a pixellated result, and I found that even when I examined the finished banners close-up, the image quality was fine.

I think my favourite is the one with the image of us singing by the lake… that photo was taken at Stourhead Gardens, a National Trust property and one of the choir’s most-loved places. We all have happy memories of performing at Stourhead Festival of the Voice. And the photo on the bottom is the group larking about in the choir stalls at our local Christchurch Priory… guess who volunteered to sit on the floor?