Green green green – an illustrated guacamole recipe

lemon juice + garlic + salt + avocados + spring onion + basil + lemon zest
On Thursday I skipped yoga and made guacamole instead.

It was a beautiful day; I’d finished work on time for once and had anyway forgotten to bring my yoga clothes with me. With a sense of freedom not unlike that experienced on a Friday, I took the bus home, changed into my weekend clothes, and then walked to the shops in the afternoon sunlight.

The guacamole recipe I use is a lemony-basil guacamole: not spicy, but fresh and citrussy and incredibly green. It’s from Nigella Lawson‘s book Feast, where she suggests that it could be served to six people accompanied by crudités. I could probably eat the full amount single-handedly, and would still feel quite virtuous about it due to its being Made Of Vegetables and therefore – probably – healthy. Healthy-ish.

This guacamole is excellent with plain tortilla chips, but perhaps even nicer on toast. I ate it at the bottom of the garden, on the aforementioned toast and in the evening sunlight, which was golden and ebbing away. Cats came and posed attractively for my sketchbook. The effect was slightly spoiled by the next-door-neighbour’s over-zealous sprinkler system, but all in all, it was a pleasant way to spend an evening.

You can find the recipe under its correct name of ‘Italianified Guacamole‘, in Feast.