Sketches from Cerne Abbas Open Gardens 2015

An iris (left); lavender (right); and some other flower-type thing (centre).

On Sunday I visited the little village of Cerne Abbas, in Dorset, for their annual Open Gardens weekend. Every year, the more horticulturally-minded of the village’s residents (who are probably in the majority) open their gardens to the public; and if I can, I go along and take my sketchbook. This year, I decided to try my hand at adding some watercolour to the mix.

Lupin; leaves with flowers; flower with leaves. There are gardens filled with fragrant roses in every shade you can think of; beautifully manicured lawns; tangly moss-covered fruit trees; and some interesting improvised water features.

A flower arrangement in the church hall. And a pink flower what I do not know what it is called.

There is also tea and cake, served in the village church, to revive you after the tiring work of looking at pretty flowers.

Rose that looks like it was spattered with paint. It wasn't my fault. The image above, on the far left, is a rose that looks like it has been spattered with bright pink paint. Of course I had to draw it. Even though the resulting sketch slightly resembles the kind of tissue you might have on hand during a mild nosebleed.

Instagram Flashback: Sisters

Instagram Flashback: SistersA picture from March 2014, which is a lot blurrier than I realised at the time. This was a cartoon of my two younger sisters, Kelly (far left) and Stacy (far right) with myself in the middle. Kelly is sophisticated and urbane; Stacy is a student; and I am lost. This was for a Mothers’ Day card.

They say it’s spring…

Ink sketch of a woman with glasses


I’m working on a post about my time on the Book Illustration course in Chelsea, but for now, here’s something I drew today for another Skillshare project.

It doesn’t need such a large copyright notice on it but I wanted to play with some of my scanned-in ink blobs!

Twenty Fourteen, here we go…

2014-heatherA new year begins: with it comes another time of reflection on the past twelve months, and another look into the future. There are more plans to be conjured up. I start to realise I will need another pad of lined paper for all my various lists.

In 2013, I wrote on this blog more than I have done in the past, yet not quite as much as I had intended to (and not at all since November, when I drafted a summary of my Halloween preparations and completely forgot to actually publish it). As a result, there’s a lot that happened which I didn’t share here: a new website at (as yet a blank canvas); publication of some illustrations in the Christmas issue of Arkadia magazine; a fun evening at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery Masked Salon; and a couple of rather ambitious concerts with my choir that went even better than we’d hoped.

If the new year is as eventful as the last couple of months have been, I will definitely need to write here more often!